Our bamboo charcoal air purifying bags are eco-friendly, chemical and fragrance free and eliminate odor!


Exposure to harsh chemicals can affect the health of you, your family and your pets. Chemical air fresheners can irritate your skin, nose and throat. Most smelly air fresheners also don’t address the root of the problem—they cover up foul odors with more chemicals.  The fine pores of our bamboo charcoal trap odor-causing particles and excess moisture, which also act as a mold and mildew remover. Wipe out lingering odors in your home and car with charcoal deodorizer bags by Home Sloth.

Tons of Uses!


Perfect for room deodorizers, shoe odor remover, closet freshener, pet odor absorber, car deodorizers, smelly gym bags, stinky bathrooms, musty basements, RV's, boats, campers, tool sheds, travel, suitcases, storage rooms and much much more.


Effective and Long Lasting


Our bamboo charcoal bags trap dirt, moisture and other harmful particles for up to 2 years! Once a month simply place our air purifying bags in direct UV sun rays for 2 hrs to reactivate the bamboo charcoal inside. This rejuvenates the odor trapping capabilities and ensures optimal performance.

Stylish and Sustainable

Our air purifier bags are stylish AND sustainable. Simple sleek design, clean labeling and premium quality ingredients.


Our promise to you


We are so confident in the quality and effectiveness of our premium bamboo charcoal air purifying bags we offer a 1-year guarantee. If you are unhappy in any way we will replace your charcoal air bags - no questions asked. We are proudly based in the USA and always available for you.


Extended warranty, discount coupon and detailed instructions included inside every order!

Create an odor free environment for you and your family by adding a pack of our activated bamboo charcoal air purifiers to your cart TODAY!



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